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Welcome to Fencing Store! #1 Pool & Security Fences in Australia

Fencing Store is a reliable and local company based in Sydney, NSW. We are supplying fences for pools, landscaping and more at the most competitive price online all over Australia. Along with fences and accessories we are offering professional fencing services such as fencing installation in Sydney and the rest of NSW. Whether the job is for the residential fencing or commercial fencing, we are here to help you out with our professional technicians.

If you need fencing services for improving the security of your place or glass pool fencing for the pool area, you can count on us! We strive to provide the best fencing solutions to meet our clients’ needs. From the pool fence to a security fence and wooden fencing to glass fencing, we can supply the products as per your choice and necessity.


Are you looking for the residential fencing contractor near you? If yes, then Fencing Store is here to help you out. Our professionals will create a secure and private atmosphere for you.


We specialise in commercial fencing supply and installation in Sydney, NSW. Whether it’s a business, school, child care center, or hospital, we can successfully deal with any project.


Would you like to hire a licensed and insured fencing contractor for your next project? If yes, then contact Fencing Store right now. All our professional installers are trained and certified.

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Fencing Store is a leading fencing contractor based in Sydney, NSW. We aim to deliver the varieties of quality fences at a competitive price. There are many reasons why most of the homeowners in Sydney choose us as a number 1 fencing supply and installation company. So, let’s see some of our important features that will tell you why you should choose us.

Quality is our primary concern, and we never compromise with it. All the fencing products in our stock are made up of the highest quality materials.

All our professionals are licensed and highly trained. They know how to accomplish a project as per the correct pool and safety fencing regulations in Australia.

No matter the size and shape of your poolside area or your property, we are here to provide you with the customised solution that suits your needs.

We have a wide stock of residential fences, commercial fences, glass pool fences, and fence related accessories.

Popular Fences

Aluminium Fences

Aluminium Fences

We specialise in supplying and installing the custom-designed aluminium fencing for securing both your poolside area and your properties.

Pool Fence

Pool Fence

We have an exclusive range of pool fencing, including frameless glass fences, semi-frameless glass pool fences, and aluminium pool fences.

Double rail flat top

Double rail flat top

Double Rail Flat Top is the most preferred security fencing among the house owners in Sydney. It also adds a stylish look to the property.

Semi Frameless Glass Fence

Semi Frameless Glass Fence

Fencing Store offers the bespoke semi-frameless glass fencing that provides an aesthetic look and proper safety to your pool area.

Iron Fences

Iron Fences

Iron Fencing is the security fence that is widely appreciated by the people in Sydney, NSW. Our fences are made up of the quality of iron.

Metal fences

Metal fences

We design, supply, and install the tailored metal fences that provide the maximum security and an elegant look to your property in NSW.

Client Testimonial

Fencing Store: a one-stop destination for all your fencing issues

Need to install a security fencing to enhance the safety of property?

Want to install a glass pool fencing to make your pool area attractive?

Looking for the best fencing contractor near you?

Whatever your requirement is, Fencing Store is here for that! We are a locally owned and licensed contractor based in Sydney, NSW. We are offering the quality fencing solution that can meet your security needs in a hassle-free way.

We have a team of trained technicians who are friendly and well-equipped. They always strive to provide a better fencing solution to our clients. No matter the size of your project, we will handle it with our years of experience. As a leading fencing contractor, we are offering security fencing, garden fencing, and pool fencing. Clients’ security is our foremost concern! And to secure your property, we are always ready to help you out!

We take pride in supplying different fencing as per our clients’ requirements. From Colorbond fencing to glass fencing and wrought iron fencing to timber fencing, you will get all these at our store. Our fencing service will ensure that you will add an elegant look to your property.

Our business traits

Present days, we have become a renowned name in New South Wales. We have earned a huge reputation because of our business traits.

Please go through the below passages to see our business traits.

1) Reliability

You have come to the right place if you are looking for a reliable fencing contractor and supplier near you. At Fencing Store, we aim to supply and install quality fencing tools.

2) Affordability

We know how hard it is to find an affordable fencing contractor in Sydney. At Fencing Store, we are offering effective fencing solutions at a price that you can easily afford.

3) Quality of fencing products and services

As a licensed fencing store in NSW, we are offering quality products and services. From fencing installation to fencing tool supply, we can successfully handle all these jobs.

4) Trained technicians

We have a team of skilled technicians who can deal with your all fencing related issues. They know how to make fencing installation successful and how to satisfy our clients.

Our Fencing Products

1) Pool Fence

Are you worried about the safety of your little one or your loving pet while you are away from your home?  Do you want to keep the swimming pool area in your home safe? If yes, then a pool fence installation is necessary for you. It will prevent your kids and pets from going near the pool area. Not only providing safety, but it also adds a beautiful look to the pool area in your home. We at Fencing Store are offering the premium pool fence installation in Sydney and the rest of NSW. Whether you need a glass pool fence, spear and ring top fence, or a wrought iron pool fence, we are here to meet your requirement.

If you are interested in installing a unique design of the pool fence, then you must visit our Pool Fence page.

2) Security Fence

We believe that nothing is more important than your security. If you want to enhance the security of your office property, the security fencing installation is the right option for you. At Fencing Store, we have a wide selection of security fences. Our skilled technicians will help you choose the right fencing that can easily meet your security needs. If you want to know some more details about our security fences, then please visit our Security Fence page.

3) Fence Accessories

Fencing Store is the trusted contractor and we have a wide stock of fencing accessories. From locks and hinges to spears, we have all the necessary accessories that are needed to install fences. All our executives are professionals and well-equipped. We train our professionals to handle any fencing project to meet our clients’ requirements. See ‘Fence Accessories Page’ to check our fencing tools.

4) Glass Fence

You have come to the right place if you are looking for a fence that can add a luxury and style to your poolside area. At Fencing Store, we are offering the best quality glass fencing installation in NSW. A stylish and contemporary glass fence will provide a magnificent look and proper safety. It also prevents your little one and your loving pet from going near the swimming pool.

At Fencing Store, we are offering the custom glass fences that reflect your style and improve the beauty of your residential property. From design to installation, we provide full-service solutions that will add value to your property. From frameless to semi frameless glass pool fence and fence design to installation, we handle all these jobs with lots of efficient. To get more details, please visit our Glass Fence page.

5) Privacy Screens

We at Fencing Store are offering quality privacy screen fencing in aluminium and timber. This type of fencing provides a stylish look to your property. Visit our ‘Privacy Screens page’ to get more details about it.

Our other products

At Fencing Store, we specialise in providing effective fencing solutions and products. Your security is our prime concern. Some of our products are gate motorsintercom, and tools (needed for fencing installation and repair).