10mm toughened glass

10mm toughened glass installed price




The glass fences installed around the swimming pools or balustrades give a serene view of the surroundings. The installation of fences is getting highly popularized among the local residents of the region. This not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of your property, but also gives a sense of security to you. Installing a glass fence around the swimming pool will give you a sigh of relief that your little ones do not have an access inside the pool. Moreover, you can also enjoy a crystal clear view of the pool while sitting on the bench. The glasses used for the pool fencing or balustrade have a 10mm thickness for assuring the strength to resist some external factors.

The glass is specially manufactured with a massive thickness for resisting water, wind, and a sudden attack. This also reduces the risk of getting slipped on the wet floor after coming out of the water. The glasses are fitted with fence holders that are placed on either side of the 10mm toughened glass. These glass fences can also be installed for the balustrade for offering a support to the railing. You can hire our services for the installation of the toughened glass fence in the poolside or railing.


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