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12-14×20 Primrose screws


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The fencing system is rapidly turning into a method of ensuring safety and security in the city. You can install these metal fence panels on the perimeter line of your property for marking its boundary. These fence panels are available in varied shapes and designs that make it an easy task for you to make the best selection. However, for ensuring the safety and functionality of the chain of fence panels it has to be placed together in a row. The self-drilling screws are required for adjoining the fences together. At our store, these are available in the size of 12-14×20.

This hex head screw fits well in all the sizes of the fence system installed on the property. These are self-drilled and hence, make it easier to be installed.  But, make sure to keep it a safe distance from kids. The 12-14×20 Primrose Screws are made up of superior quality material that makes it durable. The primrose colour of the fence accessory can blend perfectly with the colouring fences. These are easy to be drilled inside and tighten as per your requirement. However, make sure to replace all the damaged or rotted screws from the fences. We provide long-lasting and supreme quality screws to our clients.


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