12-14xx20 Black screws

12-14xx20 Black screws




You cannot take a risk about the security measures of your property or the loved ones. Installing a superior level of fencing system is a good approach towards ensuring the safety levels of the property. Though these are available in varied designs and heights, but black is favoured by several property owners. The black metallic fence panels give an elegant yet attractive appeal to the surrounding. Whether you install it around the pool area or on the perimeter of the property it gives a stunning view. These are strong enough to hold a sudden attack if placed in an erected position.

The individual fence panels are not suitable enough for rendering security. These are to be erected in a chain with the help of 12-14×20 Black Screws. The screws are made up of supreme quality metal, ensuring a durability and strength to the chain of fence panels. These are self-drilling screws that can also be used for multi-purpose activities. The hex head sockets make it a perfect fence accessory for tightening the fence panels and keeping them bound together. We supply only high quality products to our clients as it is a matter of their safety and security. Therefore, buy these fence accessories from us.


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