12mm tempered glass

12mm tempered glass Supply only Glass price




12mm tempered glass

The importance of a tempered glass needs no introduction when you are to consider a pool fencing at your place. The glass is one of the best in quality and can prevent different types of heavy shocks as well. This can also bear with the different weather conditions which is a plus. The glasses are available at all the various sizes and once you approach Fencing Store for it, you will get fully customized sizing for the glasses. The 12mm variant is the most demanding one and it offers some great effectiveness around the pool. You can also use this glass in your balcony for creating a border. The see through facility is nice that attract the buyers.

For pool fencing this product is really good and here you will get at the most reasonable price! You don’t need to worry about the customized sizing since we offer the facility to cut the glasses in suitable pieces. Fencing Store also offers the installation so you don’t need to worry about anything. The nice looking tempered glass is on great demand. Check out for more options of fencing at our store and we also have all the different types of accessories.


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