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16 dia Male T series spear


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The installation of fences around the residential or commercial properties has become a safety measure for the property owners. Of course, the security fences are a great method of ensuring safety and security of property. These are durable and also enhance the aesthetic appeal of the overall property. However, you can take a step ahead for the security measures by placing 16 Dia T-series spear on top of it. We sell strong and durable aluminium spares at our store. Our product 16 Dia male T-series spear is designed to get fitted into a 16mm round tube.

You can elevate the level of aesthetic appeal of your otherwise ordinary fence tops with these spearheads. It weighs around 71 gms that signify that the spear is strong enough to bear a certain level of weight. As it can’t be bend with bare hands or with the application of pressure these are good enough for rendering protection. The T-series spear is getting a high demand for both the commercial as well as residential properties. Hence, these are ideal to be placed on top of the fence posts of your property. With us, you can stay assured of gaining only the best quality of material at the best rate.


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