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16 round T-spear


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You may have definitely installed fences on your property for safeguarding its interest and keeping the intruders at bay. However, the height of the fence is not the only measure for securing your property. Install designer spearheads on top of it for giving it a complete look that also goes well with its surroundings. Give a sharp look to the fence posts by placing 16 round T-spear on it. These are not just meant for enhancing the appearance of the ordinary fence posts. In fact, it acts as an additional measure for rendering an advanced level of security.

We supply round T-spear heads made up of high quality metal that is durable and strong. The spearhead tops come with blunt edges, but are strong enough to stop an intruder from crossing over. The 16mm round tube is designed for easily getting fitted into the fence tube. This is a male type design of the spearhead that gives a sharp and edgy look to the overall fencing system. The effective height of the round T-spear heads is 100 mm that contributes to elongating the total height of the fence posts. These 16mm round tube can easily get inside a standard fence and can be tightened accordingly.


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