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19×19 Square tube Female T series spear


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The weight of the 19×19 Square tube Female T series spear is 120 gm and the height is 127 mm from the bottom of the ring. It is one of the best products that you can install for the protection of your property. Not only that but also the royal look of the spears helped to increase the overall aesthetic value of the property. So, you can get two things at the price of one by the installation of our fencing product. We have plenty of stock for the requirement of each and every one of our clients. Just tell us about the quantity you are looking for and we promise to supply you with the same.

Our experts are always present to help people with their queries and confusions related to our products. So, if you are getting with some of our product, feel free to get it cleared through our experts. We use the best quality aluminium, metal and alloy for the making of the 19×19 Square tube Female T series spear. The complete set of this spear is available in 19 sets. So, only a few products can complete your entire set. Our professionals also provide the installation service along with the products. So, if you need someone for the installation of the 19×19 Square tube Female T series spear, we can help you that also.


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