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2 off Swing gate motors 413


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The 2 off Swing gate motors 413-2 is one of our renowned products that has been liked by the people a lot in the last few years. This mechanism is mainly installed for the purpose of making the main gate more advanced and easy to operate.  There is no need to push the gates to open it after the installation of our 2 off Swing gate motors 413-2. One push of the button and the gate will be automatically opened and closed by the motor system. It makes the heavy gates a lot easier to operate during the rainy and winter season. There is no need to come out of the house or get down from the vehicle to open the gate.

Our technicians have perfect knowledge about the mechanism of the 2 off Swing gate motors 413-2. So, they can install it for you without any problem. Our products are manufactured according to the Australian standard. So, no need to worry about the efficiency of our product. It will solve all the problems related to the main gate that you have. Our technical team also has the best tools and safety equipment. With the use of such tools, they can install, repair and maintain any kind of gate motors. Also, the safety equipment makes sure that no accidents occur during their service. Purchase the 2 off Swing gate motors 413-2 and see the difference yourself.


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