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25×25 insertion hinges


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The insertion hinges come with a square shape and size of 25×25 mm. The punch-in ball bearing is made up of black hard plastic and the angle brackets comprise of high quality metal.

 The swinging gates are rapidly turning into one of the most preferred gate systems for the homeowners. These are quite easy to be operated and give a stunning view as the entrance gate of the property. However, for holding the swinging gate with the wall support you would need the insertion hinges. It comprises of angle brackets and punch-in ball bearing hinges. This product at our store is sold as a pair of hinges. These 25×25 Insertion hinges are applicable in the swinging gates for the keeping the swinging motion at pace.

 The angle brackets are designed efficiently with high loading capacity for holding the weight of the swinging gate. These are adjustable and can be used accordingly. The punch-in ball bearing hinge comes in a square dimension to get easily fit inside a 25×25 mm metal tube. These are made up of black hard plastic, therefore, is resistant to weather impacts. The products supplied at our online store come with the assurance of providing durability and proper functionality of items.


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