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30×40 Guide roller with L-brackets with dimensions (OK)-1



Width of the bracket – 150mm

Diameter of the Guide Roller – 31mm

Length of the guide roller – 40mm

2 Slots – 12×14 slot

Bolt used – M12 size

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The guide rollers of the sliding gates keep the gates to slide to and fro at ease and without the application of immense pressure. The guide rollers are placed under the sliding gate on the moving track for the smooth functioning of the gate. Hence, if it suffers heavy wear & tear, it could severely hamper the movement of the gate. For enjoying a long lasting and hassle-free service, install 30×40 guide roller with L-Brackets with dimensions. The brackets are made up of strong and durable metal with Nylon guide rollers. The bolt used for fixing the guide rollers with the brackets is M12 and the bracket come with a width of 150mm.

 You can’t take the security measures of your commercial property just for granted. Hence, make sure that you have selected and purchased the best components for your sliding gate. With us, you can stay assured of availing only the genuine quality products at a reasonable rate. Our products are shipped with ease and comfort to all our clients.


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