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30×40 Guide roller with L-brackets with dimensions (OK)-2


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Keep the function of sliding gate intact with the help of installing good quality products and components. The focus is generally laid on the smooth and normal movement of the sliding gate. But, have you ever wondered what, if any, of the crucial parts, get damaged? The Guide Roller placed at the bottom of the gates is an integral part of the working system. The whole item comprises of an L-bracket with 2 slots for the Guide rollers. The rollers are tightened with the L-brackets for making the gate roll over it smoothly and without any interruption. However, the quality of material used can severely hamper the performance and movement of the sliding gate.

 A superior quality product would ensure that you can stay relaxed and assured of the functioning of the sliding gate. The 30×40 Guide roller with L-brackets with dimensions (OK)-2 can be used in the sliding gates for enhanced performance and hassle-free movement. The diameter of 30mm of the guide rollers gives a wide spaced for the gate to move. At our online store, you can access the best quality product at a nominal rate. Place your order for maintaining the smooth functioning and performance of the security gate.


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