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38×25 bracket-2


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The 38×25 bracket-2 is one of our best fencing accessories for the wooden fences. It gives huge strength to the timber placed for the supporting of the fences. Our latest model is one of the best for the complete protection of the fences. You can easily install it with the help of our professional fencing technicians. The task may require carrying and putting the heavy timber logs on the brackets. So, an expert’s help is always better for avoiding the serious accidents. Also, use of proper screws and tools is necessary for the installation of the 38×25 bracket-2. Without the use of proper tools, chances are there that it cannot give as much protection as required.

Our 38×25 bracket-2 is made of the aluminium which is known as one of the hardest metal. So, there is n doubt that it is going to fulfil its purpose for a longer duration without any issue. An extra coating is also provided for extending the lifespan of the brackets. But, it is always recommended to go through timely maintenance as the wood may decompose and separate from the bracket area. We also provide repairing service along with the installation. So, if you are facing any such issue, feel free to give us a call. We promise to solve your issue without any problem. So, don’t waste your money on the poor quality brackets. Purchase 38×25 bracket-2 and get the maximum strength.


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