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38×25 bracket Primrose



Size of the brackets – 38x25mm

Material used – Aluminium with powder coated finish

Available Colour – Primose

Recommended Usage – For fencing

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The installation of the adequate fencing system ensures that your property is secured. Therefore, you must ensure installing good quality products for making the fence system stronger and durable. These days, several property owners are ditching the black colour of the fences and painting them with Primrose colour. It gives a stunning look to the whole fencing system. For enhancing the aesthetics of your fencing place 38×25 Bracket primrose on your Primrose coloured fence posts. These are made up of Aluminium metal and powder coated finish with Primrose. These are best-suited for horizontal rails of size 38x25mm.

The Aluminium brackets are placed and screwed up with the fence posts. The brackets are used to hold the horizontal rails in between two fence posts. This reduces the requirement of piercing some extra drills on the fence post and affecting its aesthetic appeal. The ease of single lug available on one side has reduced the number of holes needed to be drilled into the fence posts or even the walls. Hence, you can strengthen the security system along with maintaining its aesthetic appeal.


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