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38×25 Mill Finish


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The 38×25 Mill Finish bracket is a very good fencing accessory used for attaching the timber login the middle of the post. It is made of the aluminium which is known for its durability and strength. An extra coating is applied to the bracket for enhancing the lifespan of the brackets. So, the weather and climate changes have no effect on the brackets. You can rely on its durability. It is mainly used in the wooden fences. The gap in the middle of the bracket holds the timber log perfectly.  Two screws are used for attaching the 38×25 Mill Finish brackets to the wooden post. Our professionals can also help you with the installation of the 38×25 Mill Finish bracket.

 So, by buying the product from our company, you can get all types of service under one roof. There is no need for you to search for another company for the installation of the brackets. It is better to pain the wooden fences with weather resistant coating for protecting it from the climate changes. The brackets will stay in its place without moving if you use a proper screw for its installation. People often use the screw of the wrong size which is the major reason for the fences shaking.


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