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400 H – 7m


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The swinging gates are rapidly becoming one of the preferred gate systems for rendering security in the commercial properties. These gates are easy to be operated with the use of swinging gate motors. You won’t need the application of manpower for opening or closing the gate. The gates are strong, durable, and fashionable in terms of safety and aesthetic measures. The key function of operating the opening and closing the gates is carried on by the 400 Hydraulic swinging motors. These motors act as the gate openers enabling the gates to be pulled apart or joined together.

The 400 hydraulic Swinging motors available at our store have the capability of operating with large swinging gates of up to 7m. These are strong and durable enough to serve you for a long period of time in a hassle-free manner. Our product 400 H 7m is an ideal swinging motor for satisfying your needs of a fully functional swinging gate. The motor uses the power of Hydraulic for operating the gate smoothly and without any hassle. This provides lesser pressure on the rest of the components and ensures you long term duration of service. Purchase the best components for the functioning of the swinging gates.


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