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Hydraulic Swing Gate operators 402 CBC


Category – Hydraulic swing gate operators 402 SBS

Length of the operator – 2m

Suited for – Residential usage

Ideal with – Swing Gates

Performance – Heavy duty

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The installation of automated swinging gates in the property, save the effort of opening it with force. These days several property owners are installing the gates for its easy and smooth functionality. However, the actual mechanism working behind the operation of the swinging gate lies in the operator attached to it. The operator is attached at the bottom part of the gate enabling it to pull open and get closed. The gate can be easily controlled using the remote control as it works with a sensory motion. This operator works with the application of the hydraulic system. These hydraulic swing gate operators 402 CBC is suitable to be used in the residential uses.

The gate gets operated by the extreme pressure released by the hydraulic swing gate operating device. For the purpose of residential swinging gates, we avail 2m long motors that get perfectly set with the gate. These are designed for serving you for years to come with low maintenance cost. We ship the products with proper packaging and work to get them delivered promptly.


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