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40X40 Galvanised steel


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To attach the wooden fence logs on the side of the post, it requires special type of brackets. Our 40X40 Galvanised steel bracket is one such fencing accessory that can be used for such purposes. It has the strength to hold the heaviest of the fencing logs easily and efficiently. The prime ingredient or material used in the making of this bracket is the galvanized steel. The greatest feature of this steel metal is that it never gets rusted due to the water, weather effects or any other climatic conditions. You can use the same 40X40 Galvanised steel brackets for longer duration without worrying about it getting damaged.

For adding an extra layer of protection, you can use a paint coat. But, the installation of such material requires expert’s help. In this work, we can help you too. We have a team of expert technicians with years of experience and knowledge in the field of fence-related works. With the use of high-tech tools and equipment, we can install the 40X40 Galvanised steel brackets without any problem. Also, the equipment ensures that the entire procedure is completed safely and on time. Our 40X40 Galvanised steel brackets are made according to the Australian standards. So, no need to worry about its efficacy.


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