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40×40 Steel Normal bkt


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The 40×40 Steel Normal bkt is made with the strongest metal of all, i.e. the steel. It gives amazing strength to the fence rails. It also solves the problem of using big and too many screws for the attachment of the fence rails with the posts. The galvanized steel ensures that the bracket lasts for a longer duration without getting rusted due to the weather conditions like the rain and snow. The rails are fitted in the middle of the bracket. The bracket is then fit on the posts with the use of screws. Only two screws are required for the installation of this bracket. Both are placed diagonally to each other on the top and bottom of the bracket.

There is a square gap in the middle where you have to place the fence rail. The task is very hard as you may have to carry the heavy rails for the fitting. So, it is better that you leave such heavy work on our expert technicians. We use proper equipment and tools for the placement of fence rail. This is what enables us to perform the task quickly and safely. Sometimes, it requires polishing the end of the fence rail to make it fit perfectly. It is really and dangerous work for an amateur person to perform. Hire our technicians and get the best result in your bracket installation.


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