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Guide Roller 40×60


Type: Guide Roller 40×60

Mechanism: Automatic/Manual

Category: Guide Wheels for sliding gates

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There are various types of guide rollers available in the market. But, not all of them are of the same size and made for the same purpose. So, it is important that you select the specific type of guide roller for your sliding doors. This sliding door has dimensions of 60 x 40 mm. This is perfect for providing support to a heavy sliding door. The roller has two nut bolts that help to attach it in one place. Even the heaviest of the gates can work smoothly with the use of this roller.

The white colour of the guide roller provides it with a perfect look. The roller is highly durable and has the capacity to tackle various climatic conditions easily. It does not get damaged due to water or other atmospheric components. You can use the same roller for a longer time period. We have single guide rollers for sale. So, if any part of the roller gets damaged, you can easily replace it with one. For any kind of help or query, feel free to contact our experts. We provide all the services related to the fencing.

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Dimensions60 x 40 mm


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