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50mm Ball bearing Hinges Steel (Welded type)


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The 50mm Ball bearing Hinges Steel (Welded type) is one of the best door hanging product ever launched by our company. This product has the strength to work with heaviest of the doors. So, you can use it for the main gates which are often the heaviest ones in the entire home.  There are ball bearings present inside the hinges which are responsible for the smooth working of the doors. You can easily open and close the door with our 50mm Ball bearing Hinges Steel (Welded type). There are two sets of hinges present in this ball bearing hinge. Both have 3 screw points. Those three screws are present in a triangular position from one another.

This shape gives perfect strength to the hinges with the door installed on it. So, there is no need to worry about the door falling or losing due to faulty screw points. But, a damaged wood can give rise to such malfunctioning situation. So, it is always better to perform maintenance service periodically. It is made of the best quality metal which is highly durable. It can stand strong even in the harsh weather conditions like the rainfall and snowfall. For the best result, always install the 50mm Ball bearing Hinges Steel (Welded type) through the experts. Our expert technicians can help you with such problems.


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