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50×25 plastic cap


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The 50×25 plastic cap is the best for the protection of the posts from the various climatic conditions and weather changes. This product comes in the set of four. So, buying a single set can be enough for your entire property if you have square fencing system with four posts. The plastics are made with the finest quality materials that do not get damaged due to heavy rain or snowfall. It is highly durable and enhances the lifespan of the posts too. The black colour of the caps gives an exotic and posh look.  So, you can get safety along with aesthetics by the use of our high-quality post caps. More and more people are choosing our products. But, there is no need for you to worry about its shortage as we have plenty of stock for our clients.

The installation of the plastic caps may not be a very difficult task. But, your posts need to be of proper size for the installation of the caps perfectly on it. So, sometimes it requires an extra polishing of the wooden fences for the proper fitting of the plastic caps. Our professional technicians have the knowledge and know how to deal with such matters.


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