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50×50 Primrose cap (Alum)


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The 50×50 Primrose cap (Alum) is the best fence post cap ever designed and launched in the market of Australia. It is not like the old black colour caps. The primrose colour makes it look more elegant than the other caps available in the market. It is made from the aluminium which is one of the hardest materials. This is what makes it highly durable and strong. You can use the same cap for many years with just a little maintenance. The cap will protect your fence post from various external factors like wind, rain, snow, etc. We have more than enough stock of this product to fulfil the demands of each and every one of our clients. So, no need to worry about the serious side effects of the product.

We have a team of expert technicians who can help you with the installation and repair services of the fence. The conical shape of the 50×50 Primrose cap (Alum) does not let anything store on the top of it. You can easily set the caps on the top of the post. But, it will be better to take the help of the professional for the fixing of the caps. It will make sure that the caps are fit perfectly and there is no defect in it. For any kind of help or support, visit our website. We are always present to help people with their queries related to our products.


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