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50×50 Primrose cap with posts (Alum)



Measurement of post cap – 50x50mm

Colour of the cap – Primrose

Material used for post cap – Aluminium with powder coated

Fence post material – Aluminium

Height of the fence post – Any length

Dimension of the fence post – 50x50mm

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The installation of fences has turned into a major safety measure for keeping away intruders. In the region of NSW, numerous property owners are installing theses designing fences for their residential as well as commercial properties. These fences are not only a measure for rendering protection, but also enhance the aesthetic appeal of the property. Hence, individuals prefer in the installation of strong yet appealing fence posts and post caps. The 50×50 Primrose cap with Aluminium posts if installed will give a serene view to your whole property. The aluminium fence posts are made up of high grade aluminium that is free from corrosion and other damages.

However, the fencing system needs a proper structural support for standing on their position. This structural support is rendered by the fence posts that are placed on either side of the fences. The installation of the right size and colour of aluminium posts can give a contribution to enhancing the aesthetic appeal of the property.


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