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50×50 Primrose cover plate (Alum)



Base length of the cover plate- 100x100mm

Internal space available – 50x50mm

Slides perfectly into – 50x50mm fence posts

Material used for plate – Aluminium with powder coating

Colour – Primrose

Used for – Insertion of fence posts

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The metal fence posts are installed for rendering a structural support to the fencing system. However, it can be seen that after a few months the base of the fence posts starts getting damaged. This leads to weakening of the structural support, thereby, affecting the durability of the fencing system. Strengthen up the base along with enhancing the durability with the installation of 50×50 Primrose Cover Plate (Aluminium). This base aluminium cover plate is used for fixing the aluminium fences on it. These are made up of high grade aluminium, but come with a powder coating of Primrose colour to enhance aesthetic appeal.

The cover plates are suitable to be placed in fences installed around the property or the ones covering the swimming pool area. The fences are not only elements meant for rendering security, in fact, they can also enhance the beauty of the surrounding area. The metallic primrose colour gives a perfect complement to your primrose fence posts. These are meant to be fitted with 50x50mm fence posts.


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