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50×50 Solar light caps



Measurement – 50x50mm solar light caps

Designed to fit – A fence post of 50mm x 50mm

Installation process – Convenient

Electricity – Solar energy

Placed on – Fence posts, pool fences, boundary walls

Weather Resistant

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The key reasons for the installation of fences in the property are for rendering a tight and strong security. However, at night it gets difficult to understand the movement near the fences. You may have installed fences with fence posts around the whole property or surrounding the pool area. Keep it illuminated while enhancing its dynamic aesthetic appeal. Install the 50×50 Solar light caps on top of the fence posts. These light caps are designed to get perfectly fitted on top of a 50mm x 50mm size metal fence post.

The solar caps are weather resistant and contain a socket to fit in a light bulb being covered with a lid. The light automatically gets turned on during the night and remains off throughout the day. During the day it converts the solar energy into electricity and keeps on recharging the battery. These are easy on maintenance and also give a stunning view of the exteriors. This is also an energy efficient measure of reducing the electricity bills.


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