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The sliding gates are rapidly forming a means of rendering safety and security to the commercial properties. These are heavy duty security gates best-suited for securing the assets and other valuables. However, for making the gate run in a smooth motion the Sliding gate AC motor must be installed. These AC motors run on highly powerful tools that run on electricity and are designed for serving a heavy duty. The selection of the powering capacity of the motor depends on the weight of the sliding gate. The use of advanced technology for the motor makes it a user-friendly gate opener for easy controlling.

This gate AC motor is outfitted with simple and smooth operating modes for opening and closing the gate. You can operate it smoothly as per your requirement. The motor generally runs on electricity, however, you can also operate it in case of a power failure. It comes with an advanced feature of emergency release key that can be used to open up the gate. With this, you would never have to face issues in accessing your property. The AC motor also has the feature of auto-closing that closes the gate on your adjusted time. This product is a must-have element for securing the property.


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