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Used in – Residential Property

Consumption of power – 350W

Maximum Gate weight holding capacity – 500kg

Speed of Motor – 12m/min

Frequency Used – 30%

Equipped with – Anti-crushing protection

Installed with – Sliding Gates

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You would never take a risk with the safety measures of your residential property. Hence, for keeping the properties safe and secure install heavy duty and powerful sliding gates. These are easy to be operated with the use of their powerful Sliding gate motor. These residential gate motors are easy to be installed and connected to the sliding gate. It gives the power to slide the gate in its specified motion. They offer an extreme protection to the motion service due to their heavy duty performance feature. Purchase a FAAC 741 Sliding gate motor for enjoying a hassle-free sliding gate operation.

The sliding gate motor comes with the amazing property of the in-built prewired control unit. For giving it an extra layer of protection, the motor comes with the property of anti-crushing protection. It is enabled by the electronic device being directly connected with the drive torque. In case of a power failure, the emergency release key can be used. The key helps in opening or closing the gate manually.


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