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75×75 Nylon white for sliding gate (OK)



Measurement of the Nylon block – 75×75 mm

Colour available – White

Material Used – Nylon

Fits into – Sliding Gates

Resistant To – Water, rust, and corrosion

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The whole functionality system of the sliding gates depends on the proper functioning of all its components. Although these gates are highly effective in providing security, but only if installed adequately. However, you may not always find an even surface for the installation of the sliding gate. The gap or unevenness created on the tracks could hamper the functionality of the gate. But, the placement of the 75×75 mm Nylon block for sliding gate would provide a hassle-free solution to the problem. The blocks would enable the smooth functioning of the sliding gate by managing the uneven surface gap.

This product is available at our online store at a nominal rate. We have the Nylon blocks available in the white colour that would go well with your preference of making a difference. Generally, rollers or bracket guides are used for the problem of an uneven surface in the sliding gates. But, in the conditions where these items failed to be installed the Nylon blocks are used. These are also resistant to water due to the use of Nylon material.


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