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75×75 Nylon Block for sliding gate (White)-2


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With the use of our 75×75 Nylon Block for sliding gate (White)-2, you can solve the problem related to the opening and closing of your sliding gates. The nylon blocks are designed to give the sliding gates smooth operating power even if it is the heaviest one like the main gate. There two gaps in the front side where the sliding gates are placed. There are also two gaps in the back portion which is used to attach it to the fence rail. The gaps ensure that the block does not move from its place with the sliding gate during its opening or closing. The gate is placed in the front gap.

It gives a smooth working mechanism of the sliding gate. The nylon block has a smooth and place texture which enables it to give the best result with the sliding gate. A simple push on the door and it will move without any obstacle. The placement of the 75×75 Nylon Block for sliding gate (White)-2 is a difficult task and requires professional skill. If you need someone to place it then you can call us. We have a team of expert for the installation of the 75×75 Nylon Block for sliding gate (White)-2 too. The white colour of the nylon blocks mix perfectly with the white fencing and do not damage the aesthetic of the fencing system.


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