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75×75 Plastic Cap


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The 75×75 Plastic Cap is designed to work with any kind of fence post. The best result of this caps is found with the wooden fence posts. They are perfect for the protection of the posts from the various weather conditions and climate changes. The black colour of the caps gives an amazing look along with protection. The top of the 75×75 Plastic Cap is like a square cap which protects the posts. The base is little thinner than the top which fits and hold the posts perfectly. So, there is no need to worry that the caps will fall during a heavy storm or rain. It is designed to work in various weather conditions. The rain, snow or any other climate factor have no effect on it.

This is what makes the cap highly durable and safe for every weather condition. The plastic component of the caps prevents anything like lightning attracting during heavy thunderstorm. You can use the same product for the entire fence posts of your property. As we sell the products in bulk quantity too, so you can buy it all at once. There is no need to look for the product one by one. We have everything arranged for you on our website. Just click on the button and purchase the 75×75 Plastic Cap.


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