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770N 24V


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Our 770N 24V is the latest underground motor for the swing gates. You can make you swing gates high-tech just like the sliding gates with the use of this motor. It will make the working mechanism of the swing doors a lot easier than ever before. The whole system is packed and safe in a box which protects it from getting damaged by various factors like water, moisture, heat, etc. It is installed underground so it will not coincide with the aesthetic of your property. The new 770N 24V underground motor is very compact in size. So, there is no need for you have a large space for its installation. A small area will be enough to have this gate accessory installed.

It does not produce any kind of sound during the opening and closing of the swing gates. A noisy sound is a major problem with the swing gates. But, it can also solve such issues too. It is very quiet in nature and also self-learning. It can easily detect any kind of obstacle in its path. So, there is no need to worry about a faulty gate. Our technicians know how to install the 770N 24V properly. You will be able to open the gate with a push of the button after its installation.


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