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800Kgs Capacity


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The 800Kgs Capacity gear racks are best for the heavy automatic sliding gates. It is made to work on various types of sliding doors without any problem. You can open and close your sliding gates with the push of a button by the use of this gear rack. It is mainly installed at the base of the sliding gates and attached with a gear. When the gear rotates, the gear rack also moves along with it making the gate open or close. The heavy weight of the gear rack makes it best for the heavy gates that are mainly found in the commercial or industrial areas.

The 800Kgs Capacity gear rack is made from the strongest of the metals. It can last for many years without causing any problem. The high durability and performance can be maintained with a timely maintenance and applying lubricants. From the weight of the gear rack, it is very much clear that the installation of the 800Kgs Capacity gear rack requires proper care. Or else, serious accident can take place anytime. Our professional technicians know how to deal with such materials. So, no need to worry about the installation of the gear rack when we are with you. We have the latest tools and equipment for the installation of the gear rack properly and safely.


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