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Height of the gate – 1080mm

Length of the gate – 600mm

Material Used – Aluminium

Resistant to – Water, rust, weather conditions

Best suited for – Driveway paths or other locations

Square Horizontal Rod Size – 19mm

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Aluminium gates are getting high in demand in the region of NSW for their strength and durability. These are easy to get installed and maintained by the property owners. You can get them installed on either the residential or commercial properties for rendering an elevated level of security. These Aluminium gates are powder coated for giving it resistance from several external factors. The 19mm square horizontal rod flat top gates and panels of size 1080x600mm are ideal to be installed on the driveways. These are lightweight yet strong enough for serving you for a longer period of time with ease.

Have you preferred a simple yet classy look for the gates of your property? These flat top gates are just what you are searching for. The square horizontal flat top gives a simple yet modern approach to the gate. As it is made up of supreme quality Aluminium it is resistant to water, air, and other external factors. Place the order for the product at our online store.


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