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Loop Top pool gate /Garden Gate/ Driveway Gate


Type: Aluminum Loop Top Gate 1495mm wide x1200mm High.

Mechanism: Fence

Category: Loop Top

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This aluminium loop top gate is highly durable and strong. The weight of this loop gate is 12 kg and the size is 1495 x 38 x 1200 mm. This gate is best for various purposes like pool gate, garden gate, driveway gate, etc. This product is NATA certified and approved as per Australian Standards 1926.1 2012 latest edition. The antirust property protects it from water and moisture for its entire lifetime. There are 18 diameter vertical tubes present in it. The size of the frame is 38×25. This provides enough space for the vehicles to pass in and out.

There is a 70 mm gap present between each one of the tubes. So, no one will be able to enter into your property without your consent. There are 6 point weld present in this gate. The entire gate is powdercoated in black. It also works as an extra shield of protection. The product is properly packed in plastic sheets. So, no need to worry about receiving a damage product. All our products are brand new. This gate will also provide amazing looks to the overall area.

Additional information

Weight 12 kg
Dimensions 1495 x 38 x 1200 mm


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