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Automatic remote control gates


Type: Remote Control Sliding Gate

Mechanism: Automatic

Category: 2100 mm High panels

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The Automatic remote control gates are the latest product of our company that many people are looking forward to have on their property. These gates work on the same principle of the other remote controlled devices. There is a transmitter present in the control box which receives the signals transmitted through the remote control. The control panel then opens the gate with the help of the motor attached to the gate. With these gates, you can protect your commercial as well as residential area properly. Not only the security but these amazing gates can also enhance the overall aesthetics of your property.

But, for achieving proper safety and desired result, you have the install the Automatic remote control gates properly. Our expert technicians can help you with the installation of the gates. We use the best quality product for longer durability and proper efficiency. We have lots of advanced tools and equipment for performing the installation task on time and with proper safety. With years of experience and knowledge, we have been performing all the work with full dedication. So, call us without any hesitation. We will be at your place to install the automatic remote control gates as per your convenience.


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