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Base for 50×50 post


Measurement of fence post- 50mm x 50mm

Material used – High quality Aluminium

Colour Availability – Metallic Aluminium coated

Fit for – Pool fences & boundary fences

Resistant to – Rust, water, and oxidization

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Fencing systems are one of the leading measures for ensuring safety to the property. However, none of us intends in compromising with the aesthetic appeal for rendering security. Hence, these days, the property owners in NSW are installing metallic fence posts for enhancing the aesthetic appeal. The metal fences are connected to the fence posts installed on either sides. However, the metallic posts might get rusted due to coming in contact with the external factors. Hence, we supply supreme quality base for 50×50 postfor the aluminium fence posts. These are durable, easy to maintain and gives a stunning appearance to the overall fencing system.


At our online store, you can avail these aluminium posts in the dimension of 50x50mm. The square fence posts having a 50mm base can easily get fitted into the product. The premium quality aluminium bases are galvanized for protecting against varied external factors and giving durable service. Our products are shipped at a rapid rate around the region of NSW at the minimal time.


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