Batten/ slat-fencing 65×16 battens or with 50×10 slats Price per LM


Type: Batten/slat-fencing

Mechanism: Fence

Category: Battens



The Batten/ slat-fencing 65×16 battens or with 50×10 slats is the best fence for covering a large area. This is because the entire fencing system is available at the highly competitive price per linear meters in our shop. The batten and slat-like structure give a perfect view of the people standing out of your property. For this purpose, the entire property looks amazing. There is a slight gap between each of the fences, so, the property looks fully covered with a little view. It is also best for the natural air to pass through your property. So, your lawn and garden will always look green. But, this doesn’t mean that the fences are weak in structure.


The fences that we provide consist of 65×16 battens and 50×10 slats. This is the perfect combination to get enough height and length. The fences can be easily installed with a cemented slab and even with a wooden pool. There is no need to worry about its efficiency as it is made from the most durable and strongest quality material. Our selection of the tools is the rarest aspect you will find in any other fence installer in Australia. Your security is our responsibility.


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