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Big+Small gate driveway


Type: Bearing Big+Small gate

Mechanism: Manual

Category: 1200 high Oxley ring spear top fence

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Our Big+Small gates for the driveway are one of the latest products that have become popular among many people. This product is best for the residential areas as it has the ability to enhance the safety and aesthetics both at the same time. There are two gates present in this product of ours. The first one is the big gate for the vehicles to pass. The second one is the made for the people to walk in an out and for the small vehicles like two wheelers also. There are some specifications of this gate that makes it different than the others available in the market.


The height of the entire gate is the 1200 mm and the total width is the 2700 mm. The big gate is 1700 mm in length and the small gate is 1000 mm. There are square tubes present in the gates that are 19×19 in shape. There are 90 mm diameter thick rings present in the between the railings. The female type spears are present on the top of the gate. This provides extra layer of protection. This is the product that you can purchase from here.


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