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Box of nylon Gear Rack with 20 pieces


Category – Gear Racks

Used in – Fitted below Sliding gates

Quality – Supreme quality of Nylon

Pack contains – 20 pieces of Gear Rack

Features – Strong, heavy-duty, & durable

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The sliding gates are getting highly popular in terms of rendering security to the residential as well as commercial property. This category of gates is quite easy to operate and works without the application of excessive pressure. The smooth movement of the gate is enabled due to the gear racks installed beneath it. The sliding gates are slide on it with the help of the ball bearing hinges make it easy on movement. Hence, the gear racks play a pivotal role in the functioning of the gates. For giving all our clients an easy and hassle-free service we avail a box of nylon gear rack with 20 pieces at our online shop.


The products shipped through our store are made of supreme quality nylon material that is strong and durable. Nylon gear rack performs the crucial function of converting the rotating movement into a linear motion. These racks have got straight teeth cut that allow the gate to slide smoothly on top of it. Place the order for the box of 20 pieces at our online store today.


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