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Type: C721

Mechanism: Automatic

Category: DC Motors

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The C721 is one level advance DC Motor used for the sliding doors. It can be used for the main entrance gates of the houses. The prime location for which it is considered to be most suitable is the residential areas. You can easily open and close the main gate of the house with just a click of the button. There is no need to push the heavy gates anymore. One click of the button and the gate will automatically open. This makes the opening and closing of the gates easy especially for the rainy season.

The C721 has an extra coating that protects it from various climatic conditions and external issues. The black and silver combination of this motor makes it perfect for the visible eyes. So, even if you keep it in some place where people can see, there is no need to worry about it damaging your property. Most important of all, there is no need to worry about its work efficiency as it is properly checked and verified before its sale. You can buy the most quality and branded motors from here. Just one click and the product will be all yours.


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