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Cantilever gates


Type: Cantilever gates

Mechanism: Automatic/manual

Category: 2100 mm High panels

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Our Cantilever gates are 2100 mm high. This makes it very safe for the purpose of the protection of the commercial and residential property. The principle of working of these gates is very simple yet effective. The cantilever system goes best with the sliding gates. That is why this system is more popular among the sliding gates. There are four sets of wheel installed at the end of the gate. These wheels help in the opening and closing of the gates. The wheels also work as the supportive mechanism of the gate.

The base of the sliding gate remains completely free and unattached. It seems like the gate is hanging. This process is followed for the smooth operation of the gate. A simple push can open the gate and there is no need to put heavy effort. The gates are black in colour which gives a standard look and fit perfectly in every place. One of the best things about this gate is that it can be freely moved and repaired if some kind of problem occurs. For a perfect solution, feel free to give us a call at any time.


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