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Catching bracket


Type: Catching bracket

Mechanism: Automatic/manual

Category: Gate Stoppers

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The catching brackets are our latest product used for the purpose of stopping the sliding gates. This product of ours is made with the use of the best quality materials. So, there is no need to worry about the durability of the product. There are varieties of catching stoppers available in the market. But, for the best result, try this catching bracket. There are four screw holes present in it to attach the catching bracket properly with the gate. The middle strand is to keep the gate still and do not let it move in the wrong direction.

But, the installation of the catching bracket is not a simple task and requires proper knowledge and experience. There are so many sharp and dangerous tools used in the installation of this item that it can cause a serious accident. That is why we have started providing the installation service along with the products. Our products are quality checked and verified for the purpose of such works. Not only that but also you can call us for the repair and replacement of the catching brackets too. Purchase this product today and get the best offer.


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