Clear toughened glass

Clear toughened glass installed price per LM


Type: Clear toughened glass

Mechanism: Fence

Category: Semi-frameless glass fence



There are various types of toughened glass available for the fencing purposes. But, our clear toughened class is the best semi-frameless glass fence. It can be used for the purpose of protecting the pool area, the balcony or the place that seems perfect to you. It is fully transparent. This gives a feeling that there is no boundary present. So, it not only protects the property where it is installed but also enhanced the aesthetics of the home and the area. For the best result, contact us without any hesitation.

The glasses of this fence are made by the use of the toughest material. This is what makes it highly durable and proper for various purposes. We understand that the installation of the glass fence requires proper knowledge and skill. That is why we have a team of experts for the installation of the clear toughened glass. Our technicians use the best tools and equipment for the installation, repair and replacement of the glass fence. So, there is no need to worry about the safety. Just purchase the glass fence and bring home the best product for safety with beauty.


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