Core drill roung Mirror finsh spigots

Core drill round Mirror finish spigots


Category – Spigots

Material – Stainless Steel

Fits in -10-12mm glass

Suits with – Frameless glass fencing

Finish – Mirror

Friction holding – Holes not needed

Base – Round spigot base



The serene beauty of the residential or commercial property is inspired by the thoughts of the property owner. In NSW, the modern day homeowners have an interest in intensifying the surrounding views in the interiors of the property. Hence, instead of installing the metal railings on the staircases and balconies, they are installing glass fences. This naturally enhances the beauty of the interiors as well as giving a non-obstructive view of the exteriors. These glass fences are installed with the help of the Core drill round Mirror finish spigots. These are the base that holds on the glass frames without the need of having a frame for support.


The round base spigots are quite easy to install and maintain. It also gives a splendid view of the pool when placed around it along with keeping the little ones in the family at a safe distance. At our online store, these premium quality stainless steel spigots are available at a nominal rate. We deliver the products throughout NSW in the minimal time period.


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