Core drill with non shrinkable grout

Core drill with non shrinkable grout installed price


Category – Semi frameless glass fence

Grout – Non shrinkable grout

Quality – Superior quality with strength

Fitted with – semi-Framed glass fences



The glass fencing system gives a serene look to the property along with rendering a security. These glass fences are suitable for both the residential as well as commercial properties. However, in terms of giving a strong support to the fencing security systems, the semi-frameless glass fences are the ideal choice. It can be installed in the balconies or at places replacing the wall. The glass fences give a clear view of the exterior beauty and the surroundings. However, for installing the semi-framed glasses strongly the core drill with non-shrinking grout is required. These get settled in the base and hold on the base frame of the glass fence tightly.


The core drill enables in drilling hole in the ground or the base for fitting in the semi-framed glass fence. The empty space is filled with non-shrinking grout for elevating the base of the fence post and gets sealed in the ground. At our online store, we supply high quality grout to our clients. We deliver the products throughout NSW in the minimal time of placing the order.


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