Core drilled all aluminium posts

Core drilled all aluminium posts installed price


Category – Semi frameless glass fence

Fits with – Aluminium Posts

Strength – Superior strength and resistance

Installed at – Poolside

Glass – Crystal clear view



Several of the modern day houses in NSW have constructed pool area for enjoying a refreshing experience. Sitting beside the poolside also gives a scenic view of the area as it enhances the overall aesthetic appeal of the property. However, as the poolside remains drenched with water a safety measure must be taken by the property owners. Elevate the level of security around the poolside by installing the semi-frameless glass fence. The core drilled all aluminium posts gives a strong support for the glass fence system. These can be installed with convenience due to its core drilling base that gets it settled deep into the ground.


The aluminium posts are used for rendering the glass fence strength and resistance to the external factors. Premium quality aluminium is used for manufacturing the posts and is resistant to water, and other factors. Individuals in NSW can make an easy purchase of the products from our online store. We supply genuine and good quality products at a nominal rate. Place your order with us anytime as we are open round the clock.


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