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D Latch with screws (Black)


Type: D latch with Screws

Mechanism: Locks

Category: Others

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There are varieties of latches available in the market for the purpose of locking the doors and windows. This latch has the ability to hold the closed doors and windows perfectly in its place. So, there is no need to worry about the storms or any other bad climate break the lock. Another aspect of this lock is that it can be secured more with the help of a key lock. This will stop the burglars and mischievous people from getting into the property in your absence. The best thing about this product of ours is the package.

There are four screws present in this package. So, there is no need to buy the screws separately. You can get the complete set of the lock from here. This D latch with Screws is present in black colour. It will be a perfect match for the colour of your gate or window. The using procedure of this D latch with Screws is very simple but effective. That is the reason why its demand is always high in the market. One click and the D latch with Screws will be delivered to your home within a specific time.


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