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Double Driveway Gates


Category – 1200 high Oxley ring spear top fence

Width of the gate – 1700mm

Height of the fence panels – 1200mm

Spear Heads – Female Type Spears

Fence posts – 50x50mm

Total gap required between posts – 3468mm

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The property owners of a property intend to take the best measure for intensifying the level of security. The security gates and fences are the ideal measures for keeping the intruders at a distance. Install the double driveway gates for rendering double layer of security. Unlike, the single gates that cover only a single side these gets fitted at the corners covering the space from two sides. The double layer of security is assured with the high fence panels of 1200mm and the spears placed on top of the gates.

The total gap between both the gate posts is 3468mm that also indicates the area protected by it. These double driveway gates are made using high quality metal for rendering a long term service and security. The female type spears placed on top of the panels along with the high Oxley ring spear top fence give a stunning look. This double driveway gate system can easily be availed from our online store.


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