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Double rail panels with Timber posts


Category – Double rail flat top

Used for – Fencing property

Material used – Strong and quality metal

Fence post material – Timber

Fencing Colour – Black finish

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Fencing system is one of the best measures followed by the property owners for keeping their property safe and secure. The whole set up of fence panels and the fence posts ensure to keep the intruders and trespassers at a safe distance from the property. The fence posts are grounded for rendering the adequate support required for keeping the fence system in the exact position. But, to enhance the value and aesthetic appeal of the property install timber fence posts instead of the regular metal posts. Give a new and unique look to the regular fencing system with the double rail panels with timber posts. The fence panels are made using supreme quality metal with flat top and the fence posts come in the natural look of timber.

This fencing system is ideal to be installed around the landscaping design or your residential property. The black coated finish makes the fence panels resistant to several external factors ensuring a long term service and low-cost maintenance. Place the order for the fencing system here!


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